Terms & Conditions

This is how you participate

When traveling from Billund Airport between mid-October through December 31th you have the unique opportunity to enter the Fold and Win contest and win a trip from Billund Airport to a destination of your choice worth DKK 5000.

Everyone who travels from Billund Airport in the given time frame can enter the contest.

The same person can enter the contest 3 times with 3 different boarding pass designs using the same e-mail address. Besides your own boarding pass, which you received at check-in, you can take additional Fold and Win boarding passes at different locations around the airport.

This means you may submit 3 different boarding pass paper plane photos from the same e-mail address to increase your chances in the contest.

The amount of DKK 5000 will be transferred to the winner’s bank account upon proof of travel booking and confirmation to Billund Airport.

All you need to do is keep your Billund Airport boarding pass till you get to your destination.


1. Fold your boarding pass

Colored side up. Fold back along the dotted line.

2. Take a photograph

Take a photograph of your boarding pass paper plane with your smartphone or digital camera.

3. Mail your photo

Mail your photo by email or MMS to foldandwin@bll.dk. You can send it from your destination or save the photo and wait till you get home to send it.

Note your destination in the subject line of your e-mail.

Billund Airport must receive your photo before December 31th 2012 when the contest closes.

This is how the winner is chosen

The submission entry for the contest ends on December 31st 2012.

The winner is drawn from all the participating photos and will be contacted by Billund Airport on January 4th 2013 through the e-mail address provided with the photo.

The winner of the contest is published on January 7th 2013 on www.bll.dk/foldandwin.

Your photo is your property

The submitter of the individual photos for the Fold and Win contest owns the rights to the particular photo and can at any time ask Billund Airport to remove the photo from the stream. Withdrawal of a photo however means withdrawal from the contest.

Contest entry happens when a participant submits a photo to foldandwin@bll.dk.

When entering the contest, the owner of the photo automatically agrees with the terms and conditions of the contest and allows Billund Airport to stream the submitted photo on a screen at Billund Airport and on the website www.bll.dk/foldandwin.