The contest is created in cooperation with The Kolding School of Design

The Virtual Boarding Pass Postcard/About Fold and Win

Traveling is about connecting, creating new relations and empowering already existing ones. At Billund Airport we send passengers on 40 European routes, to 50 charter destinations and to 500 destinations worldwide with only 1 stop. But we would like to connect more with our passengers after we see them take off from Billund Airport and we thought it would be nice to receive a postcard from them. But we realize we’re in 2012 so of course we had to make it digital. That is why we have turned our boarding passes into virtual postcards and created the Fold and Win contest.

Graphics based on sound bites and data from Billund Airport

The three unique designs on the back of the boarding passes are created by students at The Kolding School of Design in Denmark. The virtual boarding pass postcard was issued as a design project and contest for the students studying illustration and graphics. The winning group had created a strong thought through design, which originates from the space, people and surroundings at Billund Airport.

They created the graphic by taking data from the airport’s number of departures, covered distances and altitude, and combining that with sounds from planes which take off, passengers buzzing in the departure hall and the voices of pilots speaking. All of that turned into these color schemes.

Sound1 Sound2 Sound3

The graphics were polished and the results are the three boarding pass designs, which passengers receive at the airport.

These are the finished boarding pass designs:

Bordingcard1 Bordingcard2 Bordingcard3

We are very excited to see where the boarding pass paper planes land.


Additional info from Billund Airport

During 2013 Billund Airport will launch more, new digital experiences, which allows passengers to explore the airport in a completely different and fun way. For example it will be possible to take a digital sneak peek behind the scenes at the airport.

Additional info about The Kolding School of Design

The Kolding School of Design is a tone setting culture and educational institution embedded in the Danish cultural heritage with ambitions to promote innovation and value gfoldth based on knowledge, creativity and storytelling. The Kolding School of Design is a progressive and international oriented design school, which present Danish design on a global scale.